Overview Of The BMW 3 Series Part 1

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Front Of BMWIf you are in the market for or just want to learn more about what the BMW 3 Series cars have to offer then you have come to the right place. Otto’s BMW has compiled an overview all of the BMW models that are available on the market today. You can head over to Otto’s BMW 3 Series dealer near Downingtown to find out what all they have in stock for their 3 Series inventory.

To start off, BMW has four different styles of the BMW 3 Series to offer you. They have the Sedan, Active Hybrid, Sport Wagon, and a Gran Turismo. The different styles of this vehicle offer different features, but all are great vehicles. In this series of articles we will discuss some of the ends and outs of what these different models have to offer.

The BMW 3 Series Sedan has four different styles that are available with or without xDrive. The styles available are the 320i, 328i, 328d, and 335i. Each of these styles can have the xDrive drive-train which is an all wheel drive system. This system is specifically designed for BMW vehicles and is part of BMW vehicle’s incredible safety features. The 328d has a higher estimated fuel economy than the other 3 series Sedan’s. The 328d has about 43 to 45 miles per gallon on the highway. The other 3 series Sedan’s have an estimated fuel economy of anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per gallon on the highway.

Well continue reading this series to find out which BMW 3 Series will work best for your needs. Until next time, you can check out the available models at Otto’s BMW through their website or in person. Call and schedule an appointment with a sales associate right now.

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How To Get The Most From Your Trade In Part 3

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Car Sales WomanThe next step to take for your trade in is to learn what you need to say to dealer. The first place you are going to want to start is by doing your research. You need to know what your car is worth. The way you do that is by checking out websites like Kelley Blue Book and plug in your vehicles information and find out what the real value of this vehicle is. Also, you should look to see if this vehicle is in high demand. If it is you might be able to get more out of it than that of a vehicle that isn’t really wanted all that much. Let the negotiation start by saying that you have done your research, but don’t be arrogant or rude about it. Remember they are trying to work with you just like you are trying to work with them.

Your next step is to make it very apparent that you are not there to purchase a vehicle, but there to do a trade in. If they know from the very beginning then they won’t be able to play games with you. Be prepared with a copy of your drivers license and never let  go of your title until you are ready to do the trade. This will leave you in a position to get out of there in case things aren’t going well.

The very last step is for you to check out some tax advantages that you could get for doing your trade in. This can save you a nice chunk of money if it all works out well.

Now all that is left is to go trade in your old car and find a new one at BMW 3 Series dealer near Chadds Ford. Call now and set up an appointment today.

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How To Get The Most From Your Trade In Part 2

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Tips keysThe next step for you to take on getting your car ready for a trade in is to get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned up inside and out. When your vehicle looks its best then people will have a more positive reaction to your vehicle. If your vehicle has any type of smell to it then you will absolutely wan tot get rid of that. If you are wanting to do that on your own it would be best to start by cleaning the carpets and if the seats are cloth you should clean those as well.

While you are having your vehicle inspected for a trade in your should take everything out of your vehicle. Don’t leave any of your personal items inside the car that will get in the way. This might be hard for them to see the potential in your vehicle if it is full of your personal items.

The best thing for you to do when you have a vehicle is to keep all of the maintenance records for your vehicle. This might  be a way for you to get more money out of your vehicle with the trade in.

It is very important to remember that you work on your vehicles trade in and separately from that purchase your next vehicle. Don’t ever work on the two of these together. Treating these as two separate transactions will work out in your favor and if your vehicle is fairly popular you may be able to get more money for your car.

Stick around for our final article in this series and until next time you can come check out the BMW 3 Series dealer near Media. They have some great vehicles that would fit perfectly into your family.



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How To Get The Most From Your Trade In Part 1

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Best Value Alright we here at Otto’s BMW are here to help you find out exactly how to get the best value for your trade in. If this is something you’re interested in then you should definitely check out these helpful tips that we have available to help you with your trade in value.

There is a lot of convenience in selling your vehicle back to a car dealership because you can get everything done in one place. So the place that you should start is by checking out the options that Otto’s BMW has for vehicles and then you can try and value your trade in at the Otto’s BMW website. Otto’s BMW is a great dealer that wants to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to vehicles.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to study up on your vehicle and what it should be worth. You can find plenty of websites that are going to give you up to date information about your vehicle. You could even check out what other vehicles that are the same as yours would cost. This is just the first thing that you can do to get yourself prepared for your trade in.

Wait to trade in your vehicle for the perfect time, meaning if your vehicle is a convertible then you should wait until it starts to get summery outside. A car dealership would be more likely to sell a convertible in the summer months so they would be more likely to buy it from you when it is warm out.

Check out your cars trade in value at Otto’s BMW 3 Series dealer near Exton. You can also check out what your options for new vehicles are as well.

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Importance For Not Texting And Drive

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Don't Text and DriveOtto’s BMW wants to bring you a little extra information about what texting and driving takes away from your ability to drive. When we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, we are put in charge of a huge responsibility. When we drive we are in charge of the safety of those passengers in our car and the to do everything to the best of our ability to keep others out on the road safe as well. One major problem that gets in the way of the safety of those around us is texting and driver.

Being a distracted driver is one of the major causes of accidents and even deaths on the road. The textinganddrivingsafety.com released some statistics that state, “The minimum amount of time that your eyes are away from the road is five seconds. If you are driving at 55 miles per hour then you have just traveled the length of a football field without looking at the road.” They also released statistics saying, “In 2011 the minimum of 23% of accidents were caused because of cell phone usage, this is an estimated number of 1.3 million crashes involving vehicles.”

The ultimate goal here for talking about texting and driving is to try and prevent people from doing it again. Otto’s BMW 3 Series dealer in West Chester, PA, wants all of their customers to be safe on the roads and we hope by educating you we hope that you are made aware of the dangers involved when you even pick up your cell phone while you are driving. Just by reaching for your phone in the car you are adding 1.4 times the chances of getting into an accident.

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Find Your Next Vehicle At Otto’s BMW

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BMW 3 Series carsIf you have not heard yet, the BMW 3 Series is the top selling model for the BMW brand name. The BMW3 Series is also ranked third out of 22 cars in the upscale midsize car category. There is a reason why this car is top selling. That is because it has top safety features, a sleek and stylish look, and a smooth ride. That isn’t it though! This car has so many great qualities and you can find all of those out right here.

You will find that the interior of the BMW 3 Series is spacious and allows plenty of leg room for its five passengers. To have a vehicle with comfort as well as style is a huge feet. We do not usually see those two qualities mixed together. It has a very large trunk for luggage or groceries.

Under the hood for the 3 Series 320i and the 328i you will find standard a four cylinder turbocharged engine. You get this engine and the option of two different transmission types for the BMW 3 Series: six speed manual transmission or an eight speed automatic transmission. The six cylinder turbocharged engine comes with the BMW 3 series 335i.

Every BMW 3 Series has excellent gas mileage. They average about 31 miles per gallon in the city and 43 miles per gallon on the highway. This is estimated from the Environmental Protection Agency with all of the BMW 3 Series cars.

Otto’s BMW has plenty of BMW 3 Series cars near Glen Mills. These cars are range in price from a used 2009 BMW 3 Series at $25,992 to a new 2015 BMW 3 Series M3 priced at $81,250. Call now and set up a test drive for one of these great BMW 3 Series vehicles.

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Finding The Right Safety Seat For Your Child Part 2

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Child in Safety seatOtto’s BMW is all about keeping you, your family, and other passengers safe. Luckily when you purchase  a BMW vehicle you are one step closer to that goal. BMW vehicles are top of the line in safety features and they are built with attention to detail. It is all about quality when it comes to a BMW car or SUV. The top selling vehicle for the BMW brand is the BMW 3 Series and that is because they are great quality vehicle that protect whatever is inside of it. We are currently talking about getting and installing the right safety seat for your child.

Because each child comes in different shapes and sizes, all ages will have different seats that they should be in. You find the right seat based on age, height, and weight of the child in the seat. After you find the proper seat you need to learn how to properly install it.

Learning how to properly install your child’s safety seat is easy and also free. A lot of police stations have inspections points and can help teach you how to install the safety seat. There is also a program called Safe Kids that have technicians across America that can inspect the seat and make sure that you are doing it right.

It is probably important to buy a brand new car seat unless you know who you are purchasing the seat from. Also, when getting a pre owned seat make sure that you know if this seat has been in any accidents. Professionals say that you should replace a car seat once it has been in an accident because after an accident it could become faulty.

These are our last words of wisdom on the subject and hopeful they have helped. Stop by Otto’s BMW 3 Series dealer near Downingtown to get your new safe vehicle.

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Finding The Right Safety Seat For Your Child Part 1

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Baby In Car Seat For SafetyOnce you have had a child, life becomes mostly about them. About loving them and protecting them from danger as best as possible. We can’t protect our children from everything, but we can do everything possible to prevent bad things from happening. If you use and install a child’s safety seat properly the risk of death in a car accident is lowered by 71 percent. So, one of the things that you can do is find the right car seat. We live in an ever changing world with people who are constantly working to make our cars safer and our safety seats better. After that though it is your responsibility to be educated on the subject.

Take advantage of all the resources that are available out there for parents. There are tons of websites about safety seats out there that can help you find the right one. Even after you find a good seat you have to learn how to properly install the safety seat. Don’t worry we have you covered.

I keep hitting on the fact that you need to learn how to properly install a safety seat and that is because statistics have shown that 73 percent of seats are not properly installed. There are plenty of online videos that you could search for to help you learn how to properly install a car seat, but you can also find a local certified child passenger safety technician in your town to show you or even check your installation.

We haven’t finished up yet wait for the next article in this series about safety seats for your children. Until then check out the website for local BMW 3 Series dealer near Downingtown to find the safest BMW vehicle for your family.

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Helpful Items For Your Car Part Three

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Car Emergency KitWe have finally reached the last article to this series and we will quickly cover the last few items that we think that you will find helpful.

One of the items you should keep around for emergencies is duct tape. Most men believe that duct tape is the ultimate tool so why not keep it around. Obviously you wouldn’t want to use duct tape as a long term fix for your vehicle, but it might just come in handy during an emergency.

WD-40 would be a great item to keep on hand because you never know when you will need to grease something down. If you store this in an emergency box in your trunk then you will have it on hand in a pinch.

It is very important to keep an emergency kit in your trunk. This is something that we hope we will never have to use, but if we do have to use it you will be extremely glad you made it. Things that you will want to keep in your emergency kit include: A First Aid Kit,  flashlight, car tools, blanket, lighter or matches, granola bars, bottles of water, radio with batteries or solar powered, flares, and anything else that you think might come in handy.

One item you should keep in your glove box is a seat belt cutter that can also break windows. They make special tools that are made with specifically for situations that could potentially be life threatening. If you have this tool it can totally prevent it.

We here at Otto’s BMW hope that this has been helpful for you and your BMW 3 Series car near Media. For any other things you may need for your car head on over to Otto’s BMW.

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Helpful Items For Your Car Part Two

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Car Jumper CablesThe next two items that you should keep in your trunk or at least close and working properly in your garage. Keeping a tire inflater in your trunk might be slightly hard to do, but it would be good for you to keep it in your garage that way you can have it ready in case of an emergency. One thing that you might be able to keep in your vehicle is some kind tire seal. They sale plenty of products like this one being Fix A Flat.

Another emergency item to keep in your vehicle at all times are jumper cables. You never know when you or someone else might need these because a dead battery can happen to anyone and it usually happens at the worst times. They also have a product called a battery booster that can help out in case there is no one else around. In any case, it is very important to be prepared for an emergency as best you possibly can.

Always remember to hang on to the owner’s manual for your car. Keeping this perfect guide to your car in your glovebox is the perfect place and it can answer any question specific to your vehicle.

You should check your tire pressure on a semi regular basis and one item that you will need to keep around is a tire pressure gauge. You will want to check your tires while they are still cold before you have driven anywhere, so keeping this handy is a good idea. You can find the correct air pressure for your tires in the car’s owner’s manual. Keeping your tires inflated properly will increase fuel efficiency as well as keep other parts of your car running properly.

Keep reading this blog for more tips about your BMW 3 Series car near Exton. We will have much more information in the next article in this series.


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